Saturday, May 1, 2010

Genting Trip

Juz came back from 2D1N genting trip with calvin, micky,karfoo and calvin family members..feel relax..happy..enjoying and DIZZY ..not really can play in themepark..maybe ages get older..but i know it's juz a excuse for me to avoid fears..lolx..must appreciate the times left in my adulthood..after 30 up..i will be not able to play again..haha

Thanks for calvin dad treat us for all the meals and get the cheaper themepark tickets..really feel thankful and appreciate..

Things done in genting
1) Watched Iron man 2

2) Check the final results b4 going to watch Iron man 2 ( OMG!!! )

3) Sleep in a same bed with karfoo ( luckily we both also SLIM loh..haha )

4) Played TURNING CUP in themepark..almost fainted when the turning steering control by CALVIN ; Thanks buddha that I not same cup with his sister..more crazy..

5) Played a game tat a chair hanging by 4 wire mesh..when the mechaine started..i juz feel wan to shout and feel tat "I believe I can fly" feel FREE and relax..

6) Know a leng zai/lui name razak..he/she is damn handsome and gorgeous..omg..i crazy of him/her..lolx..but honesly i can feel he/she is a kind person..

Cannot rmb too much lah..conclusion is : This trip is owesome! But juz 1 thing i feel too i din take much photo with all the peoples involve..haha..

Ntg much to write time to sleep..have to prepare MS supp paper test 2molo..wish me good luck..

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